How to Make Sure you “Don’t” feel Good Today

Okay.  So I’m a little late with this blog post considering New Years Day was like what? 8 days ago?  Well, it’s never to late to talk about all the “New” New Years resolutions and all the people who already! ….Just 8 Days in… Have pissed in their own Corn Flakes and threw those resolutions out with the baby and the bath water.  So, this article is the revamped version of a resolution…one that till this point, has been fail proof.  This is all about the question you’ve been asking yourself all along… that led to the need for a resolution.  “How Do I Stop Self-Sabotaging myself” by doing all the stuff that I KNOW makes me feel like crap!

I could have easily named this article “How to make sure you feel good today”…but you already know how.  So, lets work on the other stuff.

How Do I Stop Self-Sabotaging Myself ?

Step 1:

Admit that you know EXACTLY what behaviors you need to stop that GUARANTEE you that you will feel like crap over time, in a few months, a few years and in some cases INSTANTLY! Let me provide some examples for reference:

 How many people say “I want to quit smoking”…but actually pause then start again and say to themselves “one day this is going to kill me”?
 How many people say “I need to start working out”…I don’t like the way I look in these jeans? But, instead cram, tuck and roll those rolls wherever they’ll fit?
 How many people say “I know this relationship is not good for me” But, I surely can wait to see you again baby?


Habits are like that.  The little voice is telling you “go ahead just one more time”, but actually you know that “When you do it…you don’t feel good about yourself”  Stop listening to that internal voice and find yourself a level headed, nonjudgmental outside voice.  It could be a friend, family member or if you want to do it on your own, find a good therapist.  [ <—– He’s great from what I hear…but I’m not one to gossip].


Step 2:

Wake up and set your intentions for the day, EVERY day.  If your intent is I’m going to make sure I have a bad day today and smoke a pack of cigarettes, not practice my hobby that I love so much, that makes me feel good about myself, not go to the gym, not meditate…then just say it! Today I have awaken and I’m going to start my day by pissing in my own Corn Flakes! Yummy.  But, if this sounds absurd to you then say that to, and set a better intention for yourself and do it! Just be honest to yourself.  No one will know which you have decided…although they will see the results.  If you choose Self-Sabotage…it won’t take long before everyone gets the memo.

Step 3:

Keep and inventory.  Even better keep and inventory with a friend.  Whatever you decide to do…track it! With todays ultra smart phones, I’m sure there’s an app for that.  If you say you’re going to walk 10,000 steps a day…your phone, your fitbit or your buddy can help you track that.  21 days of doing anything is the beginning of a new habit.  That’s good things and bad things included.  Self-sabotage for some is born out of habit.  Success is made out of the same stuff.

The secret on why we look in the mirror and don’t always like what we see is because we secretly know exactly what we do every day to make sure we don’t feel good about ourselves.  I don’t think most people wake up and state “How can I mess up my day today”  But, many of us actually do the deeds to make a rough day an actuality.  Self-talk makes either a liar out of us or a change agent out of us.  If you openly state which way you’re going, the body and mind has a funny habit of following.  Speak  your truth. If Self-Sabatoge is on the menu then say it.  However, I’m sure your body won’t thank you for it.  Try to talk yourself into success instead.  Before you know it, those resolutions will be checked off an you’ll be well on your way to loving the new you that you always wanted.  Good Luck in the New Year and stay on track!

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