Do you accept Insurance for Couples Counseling?

I am able to provide a receipt to anyone who request it, in order that they may submit a claim to their insurance company for re-imbursement.  While I do accept insurance for individual counseling, most insurance companies will not cover couples counseling.  However, many will offer EAP (Employee Assistance Program) visits.  This will usually cover anywhere between 1-12 visits.  Call your insurance company and request an EAP Authorization number.  If I’m listed as a provider, the visit number they provide will be covered at full cost, with no out of pocket expense.

How much does couples counseling cost?

The cost per session (50 minutes) is $135 dollars, which is due at the time of visit.  This is an already discounted rate for persons with my level of qualifications in couples counseling. However, life has hardships.  If a reduced fee is needed, we do have limited spots available for those that require it at this time with one of our graduate level inters. It takes years of experience and training to obtain the certifications that I currently hold.  While most of my clients do not take issue with the cost, newer clients have asked why should I pay for couples counseling when I could fix my relationship on my own or buy a book? Many couples have tried this approach before coming to me unsuccessfully.  I work with couples every day, for several hours a day.  That kind of experience can not be obtained by reading a book alone.  Relationships are probably the most important investment one could make in their life.  Most couples find the cost is a steal compared to the price of heartbreak, divorce, misery, sadness or a unsatisfying relationship. 

How often/long will we have to come to counseling?

If you are coming for pre-marital counseling then I’ll ask you to commit to 6-10 sessions to thoroughly cover all the information in your assessment results.  If it’s for counseling for an already established relationship, then it depends on the severity and depth of the issues.  I’ve had couples whose issue have been resolved in a month or two and I’ve had couples with more entrenched issues that have been with me for years and continue to experience vast improvements

What if my partner does not want to come to counseling?

Many people have concerns about counseling.  This is historic within some cultures.  My experience has been that once the partner commits to coming in, they usually enjoy the experience and see it as a relief.  It’s common that it’s the once resistant partner who capitalizes the time in session.  However, if your partner is adamant about not seeking help, and the relationship continues to suffer…then one has to ask the bigger question of “How committed is the partner for a better relationship”?

Should my husband and I see a male therapist?

This is another frequently asked question.  My response is, if thats what he’s more comfortable with and you really want him to go…then see a male therapist.  My experience is that the Gender of the therapist is not as important as the connection.  If you don’t like your therapist, move on.  Some personalities just do not match and that’s okay.  A good therapist is a good therapist, regardless of gender.

How soon can we start counseling?

I utilize centralized scheduling for easy client booking that can be scheduled right from the home page of this website.  You may also call my office at 678-489-7384 to schedule.  My appointment slots are limited.  This is both good and bad.  I have a passion for what I do, however, there are only so many hours in a day and my appointments fill fast, which is a blessing.

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