Is Couples Therapy Beneficial?

Relationships are core to the human need for connections and when they go awry, social pain sets in.  Relationships can be difficult from time to time, but for some, these difficulties reach the point where every day life functions become difficult… like eating, sleeping and having a peace of mind. Relationship distress is common, but when left untreated, it can go from bad to worst rapidly. In most cases, negative cycles in relationships can be identified and corrected. Couples with a negative cycle, usually find that the cycle is the problem and not their relationship…but stopping a negative cycle can be difficult since both parties are so invested in continuing their part of it.   Some couples can make these changes without professional help, but to stop the finger pointing and blaming, often professional help is more beneficial.

When couples contact me they have usually been experienced despair in with their relationship for a while; some for a few days, others for years. They have usually tried to resolve the issue on their own using varies methods, but matters do no appear to be changing.  They commonly report issues with communication, trust, safety, and finally sexual relations.  One or both partners may report the feeling of being disconnected with their partner.  Therapist trained in Emotional Focused Therapy has received significant training, beyond basic psychological training to specifically address these types of issues.  But, couples don’t have to wait till crisis strikes.  I also help couples whose relationship is solid, but they’ve run into a speed bump that has put them slightly of course.  Couples Therapy can help with that.

How do I approach Couples Therapy?

I view couples therapy as a team process.  When in my office, the couples sessions is our laboratory.  Sessions are taped and watched over and over to identify destructive cycles.  Usually, the cycle is the problem, not the the relationship.  Couples usually find each other and fall in love for a reason; that they uniquely share.  My job is to find out where the relationship went off track and return it back to its once healthy location.

What makes Couples Therapy work?

I expect a serious commitment to work on improving the relationship. Often couples will start therapy and have a great session or two and think, we are good from here…only to return back in a month or so.  Couples Therapy isn’t easy.  Often underlying issues are discovered that will need resolution.  Past affairs, history of trauma, addictions are some underlying issues just to name a few. Couples counseling requires both partners to work.  Some couples, unfortunately, enter into therapy with a hidden agenda to identify the partner as the only one with a problem and quickly turn to finger pointing.  This is one of the most common destructive patterns.  My job as your therapist is to allow both partners to be heard and understood and that requires trust.  It’s my goal to re-establish trust with my clients…in each other, and in the healing process.

Developing Communication Skills:

When couples initially come to my office, they site poor communication as the issue.  This is usually only have true.  All communication is communication.  A silent partner is communicating something, although not said.  My role as a couples counselor is to help the couple to identify and change these ineffective communication patterns and find a better way to communicate their hurts, fears and disappointments in the relationship.

When you work with me, I’ll help you to:

  • Identify negative cycles that disrupt love and closeness.
  • Help you to identify underlying causes of distrust and blaming.
  • Re-establish a feeling of connection and closeness.
  • Help you re-discover your voice in the relationship and help you and your partner be able to hear it again.

If you are ready to begin your journey to a more satisfying relationship then contact me and schedule your appointment now.  Relationship counseling can be one of the best investments you could make in your life.

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