Premarital Counseling

No one starts a relationship just to see it end in disaster.  Premarital Counseling helps couples identify potential areas of concern in their relationship so that they may be discussed in an open in honest way.  People are full of differences.  Some of these differences do not present themselves to much later in the relationship, where they can prove disappointing and Problematic. 

Couples Counseling

What is Prepare Enrich?

Prepare Enrich is one of the worlds leading premarital inventories that help facilitators identify:

  • A couples strength and growth areas
  • Explore their personality traits
  • Teach new communication skills
  • Help and identify conflicts and reduce stress
  • Explore different couples family backgrounds
  • Teach Couples how to discuss financial issues
  • Assist with Establishing personal, couple, and family goals

Prepare enrich can also be utilized by couples in long standing relationships as well. It's never to late to learn the raw spots in your relationship.  The Prepare Enrich couples inventory gives couples a scientific and comprehensive report that they can keep in order to continue to work on their growing edges.

A trained facilitator, such as myself can further assist couples by discussing each section of the assessment with the couple to explain any areas of concern or confusion.  Premarital Counseling helps to identify tough areas before they become tough.  It is a great way to get a good marriage off to a good start or get an existing one back on the right foot.

Consider Premarital Counseling utilizing the Prepare Enrich couples inventory to assess your relationships health and wellness.


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